WordPress Web Hosting:

WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been optimized to better meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to get started with WordPress. WordPress hosting is any form of web hosting that is specifically optimized to function with websites built via WordPress. Websites built on the WordPress platform have some unique characteristics that can cause functionality issues if not properly optimized — meaning certain elements may not load properly, increased load time, or the website could become unreachable altogether. When this happens, it is common for readers or customers to exit your site, costing you valuable traffic and potential sales.

Benefits of Using a WordPress Web Hosting:
  • Highly compatible with WordPress.
  • Enhances the performance of WP websites.
  • WordPress is pre-installed to provide a plug and play environment for developers.
  • Automatic WordPress updates to keep you up to date all the time.
  • Cloud-based hosting infrastructure that provides a high level of scalability.
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