Dedicated Server Hosting:

Nothing is without it’s upside, so here are the pros.  The biggest one, of course, is reliability. When you start a blog or website and it starts to grow, reliability begins to really matter. With a dedicated server, you never, ever have to worry about someone else’s traffic spike bringing your site down. That’s because you never have to share resources with other people on your dedicated servers, it’s all yours. Also, if you have a dedicated server and you find yourself experiencing a traffic surge there’s no need to sweat it, as you won’t bring other websites down.

Yes, a huge surge in traffic will dramatically increase your CPU usage (or bring your server down altogether) but having a dedicated server means you never get charged for the increased use of resources, as you would if you went the shared web hosting route. And that can wind up saving you a pretty penny, and who doesn’t like saving money?

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server
  • A Dedicated Server Gives Scalability
  • A Dedicated Server Adds Seamless Connectivity (remote and email)
  • A Dedicated Server Improves Collaboration
  • A Dedicated Server Makes for Faster Expansion
  • A Dedicated Server Allows Centralized and Automated Backup Systems
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