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Mobile Applications


We use modern technologies to build hybrid mobile applications. This approach enables us to build multiplatform applications at much lower costs quickly. We can build our own APIs to connect to your existing APIs and backend systems. Our mobile apps are fast, intuitive and user-centered.

      i. Ionic (Ember/Angular)

            ii. Web Hosted Mobile Apps

iii. Tablet Applications

                       iv. Interface Design & Development

Enterprise Apps


Not all work happens at a desk. Transform your organization with mobile apps that facilitate workflow processes where they occur. Empower your employees to become more productive and more accurate with their data. Business workflow apps can help drive your business into new opportunities.

                 i. Business Workflow System

                   ii. Asset Management Systems

                         iii. Driver/Shipment Workflow App

 iv. Productivity Tools

Mobile Websites

Responsive-Web-Design (2)

Sometimes an app isn’t the best solution for a mobile user. For lightweight or content-only products, a mobile web app might be the best solution. Using modern technologies, we can deliver a mobile website with the power of a web application. For prototypes and MVPs, this is the best and most cost-effective product.

                                 i. Responsive Website

                            ii. Mobile Prototype

                    iii. Product MVP

                                   iv. Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Sales Apps


Mobile applications can empower sales teams to close more details faster. With a portable sales tool, organizations can easily capture leads, explore inventory, and manage accounts. Showcase videos, photos, interactive, and other powerful marketing material at the point of sale.

                  i. Digital Sales Brochures

ii. Mobile CRM

                           iii. Sales Workflow Automation

                iv. Tablet & Mobile Apps


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Our App Development Portfolios

We’ve developed an on-demand food delivery platform for restaurants from where they can search and request a delivery boy to deliver food items from their restaurants to the customer’s location. This on-demand application is exclusively available for the restaurants and its delivery boy.
There’s no customer application available, we’ve aimed our application only at the restaurant. That’s why the restaurants have to enter the customer’s contact number so that they receive SMS with all the delivery details. The admin can choose the delivery boy either manually or automatically. The app streamlines the restaurant’s order and delivery processes.


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