We offer 10% discount on logo design. We create your marketing concepts and all other communication material such as brochures, business cards, logo design, letterhead design, and corporate identity design. Particularly important is that each company gets a meaningful logo with a high level of recognition. In this department, much use can be made of Flash. Do yourself the favor and type “Logo design fail” into Google and see what comes up, you will be amazed at what some graphic designers sell their clients. To ensure that these mishaps don’t happen to you, our agency will offer you advice as well as the necessary graphic design, web design and of course the programming.


Terms & Conditions:


  • This offer will run until 31st march
  • Offer applicable for all customers
  • Get 10% off on the logo design
  • This offer only for logo design
  • Dial +88 09613 988 988 for further information
  • After expiration offers will not applicable
  • You may contact us by support@olloltd.com


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